27 February 2015


Today I leave here some of the news from Christian Louboutin to Spring/Summer 2015.
Hope you like it.

26 February 2015


I am one of those girls that like to be well dressed even on the gym.
Exercise is necessary if you want a firm body because to get thinner there are more options (like diet).
So I decided to share on the blog some ideas of what to wear during a training.
Some images below.
Hope you like it.


25 February 2015


Last year I read on the news that apple was going to launch a watch.
A watch that give us the possibility of using it on the gym to control and give some information of our training.
Already exists on the market a lot of watches that give us this kind of information and after starting training with it is complicated go to the gym without it.
With me this happens.  I can’t go to the gym on this moment without my training watch.
But this watch from apple is related to the phone and with an application with more information.
I am anxious waiting for it. Probably one of the items of my birthday list.
Some images bellow of how it will be.
Hope you like it.

24 February 2015


True Detective is a tv serie that I seriously recommend. Is different from everything I had seen before.
Is really incredible. Is a policial serie around a crime and discover who did it.
With this description, look like it is similar to other policial series as CSI, but no way is completely different from what existed before.
I am anxious waiting for the second season.
Some images below.
Hope you like it.

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