30 December 2014


Champagne is one of my favorite drinks and the best one to celebrate on NYE.
It can be served in a glass or a flute.

Champagne can be sweeter or more brut.
Champagne rose is also a good option.
Exist a lot of brands that have good champagne. I leave some ideas below.
Hope you like it, please give me your feedback.


Moet & Chandon


Veuve Clicquot

Dom Perignon


Armand de Brignac

29 December 2014


New year eve is the first night of the year and we like to celebrate the new year and expect that the best will came to us on the new year.
I prefer to go out to celebrate but for those who prefer celebrate at home I leave here some decoration ideas.
Hope you like it, please give me your feedback.


26 December 2014


New Year Eve is always a magic night and we want to get into the new wear properly dressed.
Is a special night with and normally we want to wear something more special. 
Don’t have to be a dress but something gorgeous and different. 
Is the first special night of the year.
After making a research I leave some ideas. 
Please give me your feedback.




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