31 October 2014


Because Halloween means thematic parties and is always complicated to decide what to wear in this kind of parties I decide to help a bit.
After made a research I realized that we have to think in a lot of issues related to this theme like, hat, make up, clothes, nails, hair, shoes and even more it depends on the chosen fantasy. Black is predominant and a hat is always a good idea. The most complicated part is probably the make-up. Professional make-up are the best in this cases but in most of the cases are complicated because takes time to make it and sometimes is not easy to know where to do it.
Today is a day we can bring up to reality some of the black side inside of us so let’s inspire us.


Ideas of what to wear


Halloween is an event that I appreciate in particular, every 31st October nights are so exciting.

All the black magic fantasy, ghosts, witches, trick or treat, pumpkins, thematic parties, everything.

So I decide to prepare a pumpkin but here starts my problem, where to begin and how to do it. After consulting on the internet of several links, here I leave an idea how to do it and ideas to pumpkins.

30 October 2014


A month ago I bought my first Christian Louboutin shoes, the black basic model.
Shoes are really beautiful and comfortable, almost every time I used I spent a few hours walking around and my feet were good.
This is a type of shoes that stays fantastic in every look, night out or daily, simple or more elaborated. It is a fashion icon that captured my attention and my satisfation make me think in buying another par.
I left some pictures of some looks wearing them.

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